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Embroidex 3 Hoops

The embroidex 3 hoops embroidery machine is the perfect solution for those who want perfect, three-dimensional flowers. This machines embroidery manager offers all beginners with brother embroidery machines a simple and easy way to get started. With this machine, every type of flower can be made, from traditionals toicoin last year's issue of the sewer. Perfect for anyone looking to get into flower making.

3 Hoops Set for Janome MB4 MB7 MB-4 Elna Expressive 940 9900
Durkee 5.5x6" Cap Frame Front, Hat Back Hoop Brother Persona

Durkee 5.5x6" Cap Frame Front, Hat Back Hoop

By Durkee Embroidex

USD $136.50

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The embroidex 3 hoop embroidery machine is perfect for creating beautiful3 hoops combinations with your friends and family. The machine doesn't require any installation or clamps and is easy to use with a on/off switch.
the brother simplicity sb7050e embroidery machine is a great way to increase your embroidery skills without buying a single item! It has three holes for clumsy embroiders, and includes a choice of colors to make it easy to find your favorite design. This machine is also great for those of you who are always on the go - it can be used for free time, work, or home-made projects!
the dreamweaver xe vm6200d embroidery machine is perfect for making beautiful3 hoop designs. With our easy-to-use embroidery machine, you can create any type of design you need. Whether you're looking for a simple design or a more complicated one, our embroidery machine can take you right to the heart of it.